What is WelcomeTheatre?

WelcomeTheatre is an online platform that aims to promote the diffusion of Theatre plays.

Theatre, just like every other Arts, is in need of a renovation. We think that the Internet could be the ideal way to do allow theatrical play to enter people’s homes.
We absolutely do not want to replace the experience of live Theatre (impossible to do for us), we just want to bring Theatre in all the places it cannot reach.
Just think of the difficulties faced to find plays suited to own personal taste by whoever does not live in big cities.

WelcomeTheatre is very important for all people who can not easy reach theaters: think of the disabled that especially in some cities face great difficulties to move, or whoever is so busy and can not schedule in advance a theater exit.

WelcomeTheatre wants to become the central hub through which the needs of all Theatre lovers can be fulfilled.